Experience | Clarion Construction



Experience in food related construction is Clarion’s most valuable asset and to the buying public and the most misunderstood element of the construction process.

When it comes to specialty contractors, every one of our competitors claims to have adequate experience with the latest cold storage technology, more specifically, vapor transmission. In reality, only a select few at the industrial level have this knowledge and can incorporate it into their daily construction practices.

At Clarion, much thought goes into every construction detail. The goal is to provide an affordable, yet extremely reliable refrigerated environment. Blocking vapor transmission by means of appropriately located vapor barriers, sufficient butyl caulking at all joints and proper final finish caulking, will provide many years of successful thermal performance. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to most of the buying public, taking short cuts in the above areas nets a huge savings and a higher net profit to the contractor, sometimes as much as 15% of the contract amount.

This is the difference between contractors and the ultimate success of your project. How do you, the buying public, determine which contractors do the work properly and which contractors are known to use these short cuts? Call your friends in the industry and call the vendors who sell the products to the contractors, they know.

At Clarion, the project managers, superintendents, foremen and journeymen all share one commonality, experience, and it shows in our work. That is why Owners who build with Clarion, build several projects year after year. That is also why larger general contractors such as Oltmans Construction, Fullmer Construction, Millie & Severson and Commerce Construction call on Clarion as their sub-contractor for the cold storage tenant improvement aspect of their “big boxes”.

It’s all about experience and delivering “affordable excellence.” That is what we do every time at Clarion.