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Lyons Magnus


Clarion was awarded the contract to construct a new storage freezer, 6 blast freezers and shipping dock for Lyons Magnus of Fresno, California.

The building features Metl-Span panels, Dow floor and overdeck insulation as well as Jamison Cold Storage Doors. The blast freezers pictured above are capable of freezing 360,000 pounds of produce a day.

Bob Smittcamp, owner of Lyons Magnus needed a shortened construction time frame and looked to Clarion for Fast Track scheduling including a 6 day work week

The project involved demolition of several structures and the construction of a new pre-engineered steel structure.

Clarion constructed a new Engine Room adjacent to the site early into the project. This allowed Cold Storage Technologies of Fresno, California and W&E Electric of Orosi, California to install the equipment in the engine room before the main structure was permitted The engine room includes ”State of the Art” control systems, as well as, 1650 HP of Frick compressors that maintain -40 degree F, -20 degree F and +20 degree F zones simultaneously.

Now in full swing and scheduled to complete in July, the project will enable Mr.Smittcamp to process and provide frozen storage for his various produce related products.

Four new dock positions were added with Metl-Span Panels, installed by Clarion personnel, gracing the exterior.

There are 7 new -40 F Blast Cells which are loaded and unloaded directly from the Main Freezer.

The Main Freezer is 40′ high clear and has a Kalman Monorock concrete floor. The steel, armored joints are 100′ on center. The under-floor warming system is by Watts Heatway and was installed by Clarion personnel.

The Penthouse ductwork was designed and installed by Cold Storage Technologies of Fresno California . The freezer racks, installed by Advanced Storage Products, were filled with product the day the Certificate of Occupancy was issued.

The Staging Dock is 50′ deep and 24′ high clear.