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Each of the dock doors features impact resistant, lower sections for breakaway capability.

The 300HP, light industrial skid compressor package features central computer control and allowances for remote off-site monitoring. The evaporative condenser fan motors are equipped with variable frequency drives to provide optimum efficiency and head pressure control.

The +40°F Staging Dock is sanitary and provides ample space to load and unload deliveries.

The Watts Radiant glycol underfloor warming system is efficient and virtually maintenance free.

The new Rytec fast opening doors allow entry and exit from the cooler and the -10°F freezer without ice accumulation around the openings.

The coolers and freezers are equipped with T-5 step down ultra efficient lighting.

High density racking is installed in each storage area

Concrete curbs protect all of the insulated panel walls.

The battery charging area is well planned and compact.