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Thermal Sub-Contractor

As a subcontractor, Clarion’s technical expertise and performance capabilities can well be the single most valued asset to your construction team. Because the success of a cold storage or food processing facility relies so heavily on the insulation and door systems, a competent subcontractor in these areas is essential.

With Clarion’s technical expertise on your team, the material and product selection process for your project becomes a simple step rather than a major hurdle. The Clarion approach is to involve the technology which we know will perform. We take no chances when it comes to project design. Our name and reputation are on every one of our projects, therefore, the finished project has to be correct and has to perform.

When it comes to specialty contractors, every one of our competitors claims to have adequate experience with the latest cold storage technology, more specifically, vapor transmission. In reality, only a select few at the industrial level have this knowledge and can incorporate it into their daily construction practices.

At Clarion, the project managers, superintendents, foremen and journeymen all share one commonality, experience, and it shows in our work. That is why Owners who build with Clarion, build several projects with Clarion year after year. That is also why larger general contractors such as Oltmans Construction, Fullmer Construction, Millie & Severson and Commerce Construction call on Clarion as their subcontractor for the cold storage tenant improvement aspect of their “big boxes”. They are confident that Clarion will provide only well trained installation technicians and knowledgeable management personnel well versed in this very specialized trade.

It’s all about experience and delivering “affordable excellence”. That is what we do every time at Clarion.