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Turn Key General Contractor


At Clarion we realize the importance of your new cold storage facility. We know that it will be an important aspect of your business and must be constructed to meet your special needs. At Clarion we believe that the successful design and construction of your cold storage facility is the end result of several key factors:

Knowledge: When it comes to food processing, distribution, and cold storage construction, there is no room for guesswork, knowledge is the key. As we have all witnessed so many times in the past, sound, proven design leads to low maintenance reliability, energy efficiency and overall value in a facility.

On the other hand, a lack of knowledge on the part of the general contractor can be an absolute disaster, costing you time and money. Clarion has the experienced and knowledgeable personnel required to guide your project through design, construction and successful on-time completion.

Single Source Responsibility: Through our experience on hundreds of cold storage projects, Clarion has assembled a full range of architects, engineers, subcontractors, and tradesmen. A team of professionals who will listen to you, offer prudent suggestions and assume full responsibility for your project from start to finish. At Clarion, we make it happen for you, no gimmicks, just knowledge, experience and good old-fashioned hard work.

Fast Tracking: Clarion is absolutely unparalleled for fast tracking a project. We’ll put together a schedule including nights, weekends and holidays, if so required to meet your deadline. Nobody is faster than Clarion when it comes to cold storage construction. Nobody.

Quality: The word is synonymous with Clarion. Our field personnel are the finest in the industry when it comes to quality workmanship. At Clarion, we emphasize producing a quality product and we will not compromise in achieving this goal. It is your building, but it is the product by which we are measured.

Putting all these elements together under one belt is Clarion’s specialty as a cold storage general contractor. It is our way of providing you with the most successful and pleasant cold storage construction experience in the industry, Call Clarion today and give us the opportunity to put our knowledge and experience to work for you.