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Union Ice

Clarion Construction, Inc. was chosen by the Union Ice company to build their newest facility in Vernon , California. The facility has a 49,059 s.f. footprint and includes ice manufacturing, ice drying, ice packaging, and cold storage rooms.

The Ice Drying Room adds the final touch to the cubes before they are deposited in the Rake Bins.

The South Rake Bin, with ice 8 feet deep, pulls the ice over to the screw conveyor

Left and right, the two Rake Bins store ice for the screw conveyor which moves the ice to the Packaging Area for bagging and eventual storage before it is distributed for sale.

The Packaging Lines place the finished product in clear packaging for distribution to retailers.

The Main Corridor utilizes Edey Electric, Sliding doors to maintain consistent temperatures in both the freezers and the coolers; the blue Rytec door leads to the exterior.