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Pacific Seafood


Pacific Seafood – Wilmington

Clarion was able to convert an existing open-air dock into a 1,400 sq. ft. cold space. By fabricating a custom, galvanized-steel structure, and pairing with Metlspan exterior wall and roof panel system, Clarion was able to gain a large space in a small working area. Clarion partnered with Source Refrigeration to install all process room grade refrigeration equipment. The new dock required a dry overhead fire sprinkler system with dry air compressor. Clarion formed and poured a 21 sq. ft. ice melting pit with circulating glycol under floor-warming system. All up to date LED lighting and energy efficient equipment.

As required by the Los Angeles City Building Department, Clarion installed a self-contained biofiltration planter. The concept is for all the rooftop water to pour into this collection pit. With vapor barrier block walls and multiple layers of rock/sediment, this would filter all polluted rain that would be running to the ocean.